Why You Have Rusty Water and How to Fix It

Light brown water running from any of the faucets in your house is the last thing that you want to see, and no one will blame you if you turn your nose up at water that tastes a little off. Most of the time, these two off-putting water scenarios are caused by rust, but before you go into full panic mode, you will want to check a couple of things out.

First of all, you will want to determine if your water actually contains rust or if it was just a once in a blue moon change in color. There are times that your water will come out of your faucet looking brown, especially if you haven’t used that faucet in a long time.

Once you have determined that the yucky water is sticking around, you will need to determine if it is from your plumbing system or the public water supply. Rusty water that stops flowing after running the water for a few minutes or that is only present when the hot water is running means that your plumbing system is causing the problem.

However, if the rusty water is continuous and comes from the cold water tap, you will need to contact your local water authority and alert them of the problem.

If the issue is your plumbing system, it means that you either need to replace at least one of your pipes, or your hot water tank needs to be replaced. While it does take quite some time for pipes to corrode, hot water heaters will start to corrode after a few years. Once the corrosion occurs in your hot water tank, it will not be long before the entire thing stops working all together.

Hiring a professional plumber is your best option when you have determined that the rusty water is from your plumbing system. They will have an easier time determining the cause and fixing it quickly, whereas you may still be trying to figure it out days later.

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Since we know that you will not want to shower or do dishes or drink brown colored water, we urge you to give us a call immediately and have the issue fixed as soon as possible instead of trying to wait it out. The rust won’t go away on its own and you will just get more annoyed the longer you try to ignore the smelly earth colored tones pouring out of your faucets. Call us at 310-644-9757 and we’ll schedule an appointment to test your water and fix your rusty water problems.

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