Understanding the Benefits of the Two Types of Trenchless Sewer Repair

As a homeowner, we can guarantee that there are certain projects that you hope that you will never need to deal with when it comes to your home. One of those projects is most likely sewer repair, because it can cause major headaches, while also costing a small fortune! Thankfully, you have more choices than ever before when it comes to this project and we want to share how a trenchless sewer repair is always going to be your best option if you can do it.

Trenchless sewer repair is the way that you can repair your sewer without digging a massive trench. This is always going to be your best option when it comes to sewer repair, because it does not take as long, it costs much less, and it is less intrusive to your yard.

The pipe bursting method is one type of trenchless sewer repair and it basically involves breaking and expanding your existing pipe while replacing it with a HDPE pipe. Slip lining is the second type of trenchless repair and it applies an epoxy liner to the existing sewer. This creates a pipe within a pipe and is most often referred to as cured in place, or CIPP.

Here are three benefits that you will notice when you choose to go with trenchless sewer repair:

  1. Better for the Environment

This method of sewer repair is better for the environment when you choose the pipe bursting method. There are no chemicals added to that method, so you will never need to worry about those chemicals finding their way to the rest of your yard and home.

  1. Lasts Longer

When you go with the trenchless sewer repair pipe bursting option, you will find that your new sewer pipe will last for much longer than if you use the slip lining method. The reason for this is that you are putting in a while new pipe instead of making your original pipe smaller by slipping a new one in.

  1. Less Disturbance and Faster Completion

Pipe bursting is much faster than slip lining, although, they are both faster than digging a trench and completing a different sewer repair. In fact, when you choose the pipe bursting method, you can have your sewer pipes back up and running in as little as a day.

Digging trenches to repair sewers is old-school now, which is why you should consider one of the newer trenchless options that are available. While we prefer the pipe bursting method, either option will save you time and money when your sewer needs to be fixed.

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