Troubleshooting Your Sewer Line with a Camera and Line Locator

Not many things are worse than sewer problems. Some of the worst sewer problems generally arise when we’re busy doing other things. We may be, for example, preparing for a cookout or other large family gathering in which our bathrooms must be in proper working order. Suddenly someone yells through the house that the toilet didn’t flush and there’s a mess in the floor. Here is your next step toward full restoration of your sewer system – call us!

Water Jetting

We can generally clear out any blockage using water jetting. The water jetting system we use has a long hose and a nozzle with five openings. The opening in the front of the nozzle pushes water through the blockage while the other four pull material from the blockage, creating a tearing motion. The blockage is literally torn apart by pressurized water and allowed to move on to the sewer.

Sewer Line Camera

Sometimes the problem persists after the jetting is completed, so we have to troubleshoot the issue further. Our sewer line camera system allows us to look deep within the pipes to see what’s going on without digging up the entire yard to locate the problem. We can see if there’s an issue with the pipe itself, a blockage, tree roots, or any other type of damage.

Line Locator

Our line locator is a device which finds buried pipe underground without the need to tear up several square feet of your lawn simply for location purposes. We can’t just start digging blindly in your lawn or through the concrete flooring of a commercial building in effort to locate a sewer line. Our line locator finds the line for us so we can more effectively work to remove or repair the issue at hand.

DIY Sewer Troubleshooting

We hear similar questions on a pretty regular basis; people want to know if they can troubleshoot their lines on their own time to save money. The short answer is no. The more detailed answer is, our professional grade equipment costs thousands of dollars and you will pay a very small fraction of that for a typical blocked toilet problem. Our trained technicians are also very familiar with the equipment we use where you will need to learn about it from scratch.

Give Kizen Plumbing a call at 310-644-9757 if you’re in Redondo Beach or the surrounding areas. We generally respond to emergency calls within an hour and we provide upfront, flat-rate pricing with no hourly rates or hidden fees. We provide special discounts for Veterans and Seniors, so make sure to let us know if you’re currently enlisted or a Veteran, or if you would like to take advantage of our Senior Citizen discount.

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