Steer Clear of these Common Plumbing Mistakes

Plumbing is a popular job with do-it-yourselfers, as sometimes the tasks can be relatively simple. Unfortunately, this has led some people to believe that they can handle the more challenging jobs, which is when mistakes occur. Even a small plumbing mistake can lead to costly repairs, so take a look of some common ones you should be aware of.

Failing to turn off the water supply. The first thing anyone should do before starting a plumbing job. Once you pull a connection and the water starts gushing out, you cannot simply put it back on to stop it. Water can quickly cover the floor before you manage to turn off the main. Not only will you have to clean it up, there could be some damage left behind. Make sure you know where the shut-off valve is, and use it before working on the pipes.

Connecting different metals. Galvanized pipes are popular for their ability to minimize mineral buildup and corrosion. Connecting it directly to copper pipes can cause problems, but this is a mistake that some people make. This causes an electric charge to develop and leads to corrosion and leaks. To avoid this, use a sleeve, called a dielectric union to keep them from touching directly. Usually it is best to leave these kinds of connections to plumbing professionals.

Using chemical drain cleaner. Gunk buildup in drains can cause them to run out slowly, which and be frustrating. To deal with this quickly, some people resort to using chemical drain openers. These products contain strong ingredients which can damage the pipes and cause leaks. There are also cases where homeowners use these products too frequently, speeding up the damage. It is better to flush the drains with hot water, or a vinegar and baking soda solution. For stubborn clogs you can try an auger, or call a plumber.

Ignoring building permits. Building codes cover some types of plumbing installation, and some homeowners do not realize this. Property owners can incur fines for making changes that have not been approved. Another potential issue arises if there are plans to sell the home. An inspection will reveal these plumbing problems, which will decrease the asking price.

While doing your own plumbing work can be appealing, a good rule of thumb is to stick to the simplest tasks so you don’t run into problems. Having a professional plumber address your plumbing problems saves time, and helps in avoiding unnecessary expenses.

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