Sewer Line Repair and Relining in Los Angeles

When it comes to cracks in a sewer line, many people see lots of dollar signs as they think that they know what is coming next. After all, these sewer lines are underground, and people think that the only way to get to them and fix the problem is to dig a large trench that goes on for the entire length of the pipe.

However, there is another way to solve sewer line issues and it doesn’t involve removing tons of dirt and days or weeks of work. Relining a sewer line is much easier than digging trenches and potentially ruining the landscape or architecture of your home.

If you suspect that you have a problem with your sewer line, we would first confirm the issue and then see if your pipe can easily be relined to solve the problem. As long as we find that your pipe can be relined, we will begin to clean the inside of your pipe. For this process, we use a sandblaster, as it removes any contaminants and creates a rough surface that the epoxy we use can stick to.

Before we place the liner inside your pipe, we coat it with epoxy, so that it will stick to the sides of your old pipe. As the new liner is going through your pipe, it is being inflated, so that it expands and sticks to the inside of the old pipe. As soon as the epoxy is dry, which only takes a few hours, your sewer line will be ready to use once again.

You may think that it is better to replace your sewer line, but the work, mess, time, and money for that type of project can be much more than simply relining your sewer line. We recommend that you consider relining first to see if it is a viable option, because you will be surprised at how easy it is to do and how little time it will take. Plus, as soon as your sewer line has been relined, you will think that it was actually replaced, because you will have no issues or leaks at all.

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