Sewer Line Problems Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement May be the Answer

Anytime you have a sewer line problem, you are faced with the possibility of having to dig long trenches in your yard to solve the issue. The digging of those trenches is a lot of work and it does not always just affect your yard. In some cases, you may find that the work needs to be done out in the street, where it will disrupt traffic and cause a larger headache.

Most people like yourself are probably not aware that there are other options when it comes to installing or repairing sewer lines and that all this digging is not always necessary or needed. Trenchless sewer lines have been around for more than a dozen years now, and while they might seem more costly in the beginning, they are more budget friendly long-term.

Here are the two trenchless sewer line options that are available to you:

Pipe Lining

When pipelining is completed, one hole is dug for access to the old pipes. A long flexible tube is inserted into the old pipe and then inflated to create a brand-new pipe. This new pipe does not have any joints and will resist any corrosion over time. The only downside to pipelining is that your new pipe will be about a quarter of an inch smaller in diameter than your older one, but it will not affect how waste is removed from your home. The only time that this type of trenchless sewer line replacement would not be possible is if the old pipe has joints or it has collapsed.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting usually requires two access holes, but that is still better than digging a trench. With this type of trenchless sewer line replacement, a new pipe is dragged through the old pipe as it fractures the old pipe to get it out of the way. This method can be used on collapsed pipes as long as there is room to drag the new pipe through the old one.

Kizen Plumbing in Los Angeles

Both these methods are quite durable, and while they are more expensive upfront, there is less expense in the future for restoration work. Give Kizen Plumbing a call at 310-644-9757 if you’re in the Los Angeles area and in need of sewer line replacement or relining. We’ll examine the area and let you know the best possible course of action.

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