Seismic Valves Make Sure Your Family and Home are Prepared for the Next Earthquake

Your entire home, especially the gas line that feeds gas-powered appliances, really takes a beating during an earthquake. Drywall walls and ceilings can crack and break and gas lines can be compromised, creating a very dangerous situation for your family and your home as well. The walls and ceiling can be repaired by a general contractor or even by a good handyman. The gas lines can get tricky and should always be addressed by someone with experience working with seismic valves.

Earthquake Activity in California

Everyone is always talking about the big one. We never know when the next earthquake will be the one that has been predicted for decades. All Californians know that there’s the possibility of an earthquake at any given moment. It’s just something we live with in the back of our minds because we love our state. It’s relatively easy to prepare our homes for the shifting and movement created by an earthquake. Seismic valves for your natural gas supply should always be near the top of the retrofitting list.

How a Seismic Retrofit Prepares Your Home

Many homeowners are learning that preparation is the way to go where many aspects of our homes are concerned. Seismic retrofitting is much more effective than people realize. A general contractor can add supports to vital joints in the structure of your home which will allow them to move without breaking apart, effectively reducing the chance that your home will collapse during a mild-to-moderate earthquake.

Seismic valve retrofitting prevents your home from becoming an explosion hazard in case a gas line breaks within the home during an earthquake. They’re broken down into two categories: motion sensor and excessive flow sensor. The motion sensor seismic valve is designed to detect motion and cover the valve opening in case of an earthquake. The excessive flow sensor keeps track of the amount of natural gas that passes through and shuts the gas off if the flow is too high.

How You Can Prepare Your Family

Every Californian family should have an emergency plan in place. Every member of the family needs to know what to do in case of an earthquake, and the best escape route from the home in other emergency situations. Prepare your family by reviewing the emergency plan once each month. The more you prepare, the more easily your family will remember where to go and what to do in case of an emergency.

Seismic Valve Installation

While homeowners can install seismic valves, it’s generally recommended that you have a professional, licensed plumber do the job. We can install the valve for you and show you how it works pretty quickly. If you’re in Redondo Beach, CA or the surrounding areas, give us a call at 310-644-9757 to discuss the specifics involved in retrofitting your home for seismic activity. Seismic valves can literally save your home and your life.

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