Replacing Your Old Water Heater? Consider Going Tankless

If your water heater is on the fritz, you will need to have it replaced sooner than later. Unless, of course, you enjoy living without hot water! Okay, we do understand that no one likes a cold shower. So let’s look at your best options for replacing your water heater.

You have two choices available for your replacement options when you do need a new water heater. You can stick with what you have always used, a traditional water heater, or you can go with the new and improved tankless water heaters.

First, let us tell you the difference between the two.

A traditional water heater will store hot water in the tank. Once the water is used for bathing, washing, or something else, the tank needs to refill and heat the water for you to use later on. A tankless water heater is slightly different as it doesn’t store any hot water. Instead, it uses gas or electricity to warm up cool water as you need it.

Many people have their opinions as to which one will work best for their needs, but sometimes those opinions are formed before they know all the pros and cons. So, before you jump to conclusions, we want to share the pros and cons of each one.

Traditional Water Heater


The initial cost is much lower
Easy to replace

Utility bills are higher because the water is continuously being reheated to keep it hot
Tanks are large and difficult to find space for
You can run out of hot water after a while – Think of the last time YOU were the last one in the shower!
They only last ten to fifteen years before they need to be replaced
Tankless Water Heater


Saves money over time – think energy bills and replacement costs
Tanks are much smaller and easier to find room for
Lasts for more than twenty years on average
Delivers hot water on demand, so you will never need to wait for a hot shower!


The initial cost is much higher
Retrofitting your home for a tankless water heater is slightly complicated and it can add to the initial costs
Now that you know all that you need to about both these water heaters, you can make an informed decision that will be best for your family. Don’t be afraid to install one of the new tankless water heaters, because you may be surprised at how much hot water you will enjoy, even though everyone else will be enjoying it as well!

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