Re-piping Your Home: A Guide for Plumbing Replacement

Re-piping the plumbing system in your home may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you start having plumbing problems. But if you start to notice that you are having plumbing problems every few months, then it might be time for you to consider re-piping the entire system. Yes, it might be a lot of work, but it would be much better to have a plumber come in and do it all at once instead of you doing it piece by piece or continually repairing damaged pipes.

There are two really important things that you need to know when you decide that it is time to re-pipe your house. One is that you should never do it by yourself and the second thing is that it can be really expensive depending on what type of pipes you are using for replacements. Even though it can be expensive, it is often required in order to repair certain plumbing problems or if the existing plumbing is too old.

If all of the pipes in your home do not need to be replaced immediately, you can have someone start with just the pipes that are exposed. These pipes will not cost as much with labor, because they can be reached very easily. Others may be more easily relined instead of replaced entirely.

Plumbers also have different options when we have to replace the plumbing that is located behind the walls. They may be able to limit how much demolition they do by using a pipe called PEX. PEX is a flexible plastic hose that can be snaked into the walls. It is less expensive than copper and has a 25 year warranty.

Many homeowners will decide to re-pipe their homes when they do a home renovation project and this may work for you as well. You will already have workers in your home and walls torn down, so this will make it easier for a plumber to get to everything that we need to.

It is better to re-pipe your home sooner than later, because you can avoid costly issues like water damage that can be caused by leaking pipes. Pipe replacement isn’t always the very first thing that comes to mind when you start to experience plumbing problems, but sometimes it’s the only viable answer.

Plumbing problems are something you should never ignore and hope they go away. You may ignore a leak that appears to go away when in truth it is still leaking and creating structural problems, wood rot, and mold under the floor or behind the walls. Give us a call at Kizen Plumbing at 310-644-9757 if you’re in the Redondo Beach area and in need of a certified plumber to repair plumbing issues in your home.

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