Prevent Explosion Hazards after an Earthquake with Seismic Valves

Many of today’s homes are equipped with natural gas in an effort to reduce utility bills and carbon footprint while doing our little bit extra to help save the environment. One of the primary things to worry about here in the greater Los Angeles area is the effect of earthquakes on our plumbing and other piping that brings us things like natural gas. Today we’re going to talk about ways you can protect your home and prevent explosion hazards after an earthquake with seismic valves.

Natural Gas Shutoff Valve

This type of valve is also known as an earthquake gas shutoff valve or a seismic natural gas shutoff valve. The overall design is meant to protect homeowners and business owners in the event of a hefty earthquake by automatically shutting off the supply of natural gas. This type of valve usually requires a manual reset to ensure that it is safe to resume using natural gas at your location.

Natural Gas Excess Flow Valve

The excess flow valve shuts off the natural gas service if there is a significant leak or overpressure surge at a pipe or appliance beyond where the valve is installed. This valve should be installed near the meter so it can shut off quickly if there’s a surge or overpressure somewhere within your home.

Resetting Seismic Valves

You have the right, as the homeowner, to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to reset the valve and restore natural gas to your home. It is, however, recommended that you contact a professional for a safety check before lighting the pilot lights for your appliances. We often help homeowners restore the flow of natural gas following an earthquake.

Purchasing and Installing a Seismic Valve

The purchase of either type of valve is pretty straightforward. You need to research the type and size of valve you need and then look for a supplier. Most licensed plumbing contractors have the valves, as do some retailers, home improvement centers, and of course directly from the manufacturer. We always recommend hiring a professional to install the valve because of the extremely important role it plays in the event of an emergency.

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