Locate Hard to Reach Plumbing Problems with a Camera

Camera usage is not a new concept in the plumbing industry. We have used cameras for years to inspect the interior walls of plumbing pipes to look for damage. Most people have questions about using cameras for both residential and commercial plumbing problems, so that’s what we’re going to talk about for today’s post – locating hard to reach plumbing problems with a camera. Here’s how a camera helps us do our job.

  • Eliminates Guesswork – Plumbing problems are stressful enough without someone accidentally digging up half of your lawn only to discover they’ve located the wrong pipe. Our camera system allows us to properly locate problem pipes and take care of them accordingly.
  • Visual Inspection during Routine Maintenance – Routine maintenance will help keep your plumbing system working properly throughout the year. We recommend yearly maintenance for homeowners and monthly maintenance for busy commercial property bathrooms. We use our camera system to perform a visual inspection of the entire plumbing system to check for potential problems so we can catch them early.
  • Verification of Work Performed – Many homeowners request proof of work performed so they’re sure they won’t have another blocked drain next week. We can easily show you that the blockage has been taken care of and that your plumbing system is clean and ready to resume normal work.
  • Locate Valuable Items – Accidents happen. We understand. Sometimes valuable items fall down the sink drain and go out of sight into the abyss before we even realize what’s happened. Open sink drains are much more common than you may realize. We can use our camera system to look into and past the trap to try to locate your valuable jewelry or other items.
  • Locate Blockages – Plumbing blockages aren’t always straightforward and they aren’t always made of organic material. Most homeowners attempt to remedy a blocked drain with liquid drain cleaner before they call the plumber. Liquid drain cleaners only work on organic blockages, so if your problem is a collapsed pipe or a large rock, you aren’t going to break it down with liquids.
  • Locate the Unknown – Sometimes we can’t figure out what the blockage is with our normal troubleshooting techniques. Exterior drains are notorious for housing small animals or becoming a hiding spot for frightened or lost kittens or puppies. We can use our camera system to locate the source of the strange noise coming from a drainpipe or other open-ended pipe.

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