Keep Your Drains Flowing this Holiday Season with These Helpful Tips

How many times do you think that you will be washing your hands this holiday season? How about the number of times you wash piles of dirty dishes or how many showers will be needed between you and your family?

The number is going to be astronomical, and so is the amount of water, debris, dirt, food particles, hair, and other stuff that will be going down your drain. We don’t want you to suffer this holiday season, so we came up with some helpful ways to keep your drains flowing smoothly.

Here are our 3 helpful tips to keep your drains flowing this holiday season:

Make Repairs Sooner than Later

If your drains are already acting up and continuously getting clogged, we recommend that you have repairs done now instead of waiting. This will ensure that your drains are in excellent working order when you need them the most this holiday season.

Watch What Goes Down the Drain

It is so easy when you are tired to not pay attention to what is on the dishes you are washing or what you are shoving down into the drain as you are cleaning out your sinks. However, we want to caution you to pay attention to avoid a major problem. Some foods like pasta, rice, bread, and grease can get stuck in your drains, creating a massive blockage. The same holds true for soaps and hair and the results can be a clogged drain that keeps backing up.

To keep family members and guests from using your drain as a ready-made garbage, we recommend placing garbage cans strategically around your home. That will ensure that most of the garbage will make it to the cans instead of down your drains!

Clean Out Your Drains Often

We understand that you do not put things that shouldn’t go down your drains on purpose. It happens, and it happens to everyone. That is why we like to encourage our clients to clean out their drains often. This is as simple as pouring some hot boiling water down them or placing some baking soda and vinegar in them and then adding hot boiling water to finish the job. If you do this on a regular schedule, you should remove most of the items that are getting stuck in your drains and preventing them from getting clogged.

These three tips should help you survive the holiday season without a backed-up drain, but if it does happen, you will know that you did everything you could to prevent it.

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