Don’t Sign a Contract to Buy a New Home Until You Check these Plumbing Features

When you walk into an open house, what it is the first thing that you check? We guarantee it isn’t one of the most important things! We know, when you walk into a house for the first time, you want to check out the kitchen, the master bedroom and bathroom, and even the backyard. However, we recommend that one of the first things you check is the plumbing.

If there are major issues with the plumbing, then it doesn’t matter how fabulous the rest of the house is, because you won’t want to purchase it.

Here are 3 plumbing features that you should check before you sign a contract for a new home:

The Main Sewer

No one gives much thought to the main sewer that leads from their home, especially if it seems to be letting water drain through properly. However, you will find yourself in sticker shock if you purchase a home and the main sewer needs to be replaced or repaired sooner than later. A couple issues that can occur with the main sewer are clogs, tree roots, and deterioration. None of them are easy and cheap fixes, which is not something that you will want to hear as a new homeowner.

The Water Heater

Most water heaters last for approximately ten years, but that is dependent on the type of water that is available at the home. Homes with wells may need their water heaters replaced more often than those that have city water. Making sure that the water heater is in excellent condition will ensure that you will not walk in to find significant damage from a leaking tank in a few months or run out of hot water in the middle of a shower.

The Toilets

Toilets can have numerous issues, whether it is a clog or a leak at the base. Clogs can be from a major issue with the pipes in the house, or something as simple as an object stuck close to the base of the toilet. The leaks near the base can be the worst of the issues though, because sitting water can cause damage over time. If you do not notice the leaks, you may find your floor collapsing over time.

We guarantee that if you check these three plumbing features prior to signing a contract on a new home, you won’t find yourself surprised with repair bills within a month or two of moving in.

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