Always be on the Lookout for These 6 Warning Signs from Your Sewer or Drains

No one ever wants to think about their sewer or drains getting clogged, but you might be able to prevent a major problem if you pay close attention to any warning signs. Many new homeowners don’t recognize some of the warning signs because they’re simply unfamiliar with them. The basic rule of thumb is – if you think you may be having a plumbing problem, call a local plumber to check it out.

Here are 6 warning signs that may signify that you have a problem with your sewer or drains:

  1. If your drains are gurgling, then that may mean that something is getting blocked somewhere in the drain. The gurgling noise is created when fluid moves and then stops, moves again, and then stops again. This is a pretty clear indicator that there is probably something in the pipes somewhere.
  2. If water comes back up into the sink then you will know that the pipe is blocked and needs to be cleared out. Water takes the path of least resistance. If it can’t continue down the drain, it will usually come back up into the sink if there’s nowhere else to go.
  3. The same thing goes for the toilet. It is never a good sign when the toilet bowl starts to overflow or when nothing will go down when you flush it. A blocked toilet creates a biohazard if fecal matter is involved, and should always be taken care of by a plumber.
  4. If you ever notice that the toilet starts to make funny noises like a coffee pot after you have finished doing a load of laundry in the washing machine, you will know that a sewer line is blocked.
  5. One of the worst things that can happen is water collecting around the drain in the basement. This usually means that the main sewer line is blocked and that may mean expensive repairs.
  6. Trees look nice around the house, but it you have trees located near your sewer lines, you may end up with a problem. The roots may start to grow through the sewer lines and cause the pipe to crack or break apart. If you start to notice any noises from the sink or toilet or pipes begin to get blocked more frequently, you will want to have a professional do an inspection to see if any roots are growing in the pipes.

While your drains and sewer lines may not be at the top of your list of thoughts every day, you should pay attention to them every once in awhile. By taking preventative measures, you will be able to stop any major problem before it starts. Call us here at Kizen Plumbing 310-644-9757 if you’re in the Redondo Beach area and would like to schedule an appointment for a consultation or discuss preventative maintenance for your plumbing system.

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