9 Reasons Why Cured in Place Pipe is the Best Choice for Sewer Relining

Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP) was patented in the 1970s and has been the prime choice for pipe repair and sewer relining for more than 40 years. That’s a pretty impressive record in an ever-changing world such as the one we currently occupy. This method of sewer relining is still the most-used and the most durable. Here are the primary three reasons people choose CIPP:

  1. Lower Cost than Traditional Relining – CIPP is less labor intensive and extremely reliable, making it very low cost.
  2. No Dig Solution – There’s no need to dig up your property to locate pipes for replacement if relining works in your situation.
  3. Seals against Root Intrusion – The material is a felt tube which is lined with resin, so it prevents roots from penetrating and causing blockages within the system.

Those three reasons are often good enough. But we do run into property owners from time to time who would like more information. So let’s look at some of the less obvious reasons we use cured in place pipe for sewer relining and pipe repair.

  1. Add Structural Security to Old Pipes – Older pipes become compromised over time due to heavy traffic, tree roots, or the settling of surrounding soil. CIPP felt tubes reinforce old pipes and add structural security that you wouldn’t otherwise have.
  2. High Resistance to Oils, Chemicals, and High Temperatures – The felt tubes are cured with hot water, steam, or UV light to ensure that they form precisely to the host pipe and create a hard inner pipe within the damaged pipe. The curing process makes them very durable vs. oil, chemicals, and high temperatures.
  3. Suitable for Nearly Every Type of Pipe – CIPP sewer relining is ideal for sewer, water, gas, and chemical pipelines. It is durable enough to withstand potentially-dangerous materials.
  4. Less Susceptible to Damage – Traditional sewer pipes are made of cast iron, clay, plastic, or a combination of the three. They’re susceptible to rust, erosion, and corrosion. CIPP relining tubes are also very durable against tree roots and underground rodents looking for water.
  5. Fits up to 90 Degree Bends – The method in which CIPPs are installed makes them perfect for long expanses of pipe and bends as well. Elbow joints are no concern for this cured-in-place system.
  6. Works with Horizontal and Vertical Piping – CIPPs can be installed vertically or horizontally, so the direction of the damaged pipes isn’t really an issue.

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