5 Things that Could be Causing Your Plumbing to Drain Slowly

When a drain gets completely blocked it can become a health hazard, but sometimes instead of this happening, they start to run out slowly. Sometimes this indicates that you will have to deal with a blockage soon. In many cases, drains may run out slowly for a long period. Here are some of the most common reasons why this happens.

  1. Blockage in the main line. The pipe that carries wastewater to the sewer line can have heavy buildup it lacks proper flow. The slope of the line is a primary factor, without the right amount of sloping, waste can settle in the line and over time more will accumulate.
  2. Buildup in drain pipes. As drain pipes carry wastewater from the home, material such as hair, soap scum and dirt goes with it. Small amounts will settle in the traps or the line and slow the flow of water. Plunging or clearing out the trap is usually enough to speed up drainage.
  3. Toilet blockages. Toilet paper is made to break up in water, so problems arise when other materials are flushed into the system. These include baby wipes, feminine hygiene products and paper towels. Plunging usually helps, but sometimes these materials get moved further into the system , causing another blockage.
  4. Blockage in the vent pipe. Birds or small animals can nest in the vent pipe and keep air from getting in. This can cause gurgling noises to come from drains. A blocked vent pipe can cause sewer gases to build up to dangerous levels.
  5. Kitchen sink misuse. In some homes, kitchen sinks have to deal with not just soap scum, but also cooking grease and food particles. This heavy material quickly settles in the drain line, and the water will start to run out slowly. Kitchen sinks often become blocked for this reason. 

Clearing Drains

Most of the time, it is possible to get drains moving again using a plunger or drain auger, so it is recommended that every homeowner should have one or both of these. Hot water can sometimes help to loosen buildups as well. Unfortunately, these methods often fail to remove the whole clog, so the drains may start to slow down again. If your drains clog frequently, you contact a plumbing service that offers hydro jetting.

Many homeowners resort to powerful drain cleaning chemicals, and while they are often effective, they have some downsides. They can cause strong fumes to invade the home that can cause dizziness or nausea. The chemical ingredients can weaken the pipes and lead to a more severe pluming problem. With hydro jetting, powerful jets of water are sent into the lines to clean them properly. This removes even the most stubborn buildups and ensures that you will not have to worry about slow drains for a long time.

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