5 Reasons to Hire us for Sewer Line and Drain Maintenance

We understand, as homeowners, that drain and sewer line maintenance is the key to avoiding a sewer line backup. Most homeowners follow basic guidelines regarding sewer line cleaning and leave it at that. Today we’re going to talk about the importance of sewer line and drain maintenance and why you should hire us to maintain yours.


Drain and sewer line maintenance requires a specific set of tools that the average homeowner doesn’t use. You probably have a pressure washer and use it to clean the siding, sidewalk, and garage floor. This is not the same type of pressure washer we use during hydro jetting. The basic idea is the same, but the actual tools themselves are different.


Our team of plumbers has the experience required to properly clean, visually inspect, and maintain the sewer line that flows from your toilets to the main sewer line. The experience we’ve gleaned over the years allows us to recognize small things that can become large problems later on. It also allows us to make educated recommendations regarding the hydro jetting process and whether it will cause a problem within your plumbing system.


Residue, minerals, and bacteria coat the interior of sewer lines due to the nature of their job. Regular cleaning prevents blockages due to things that naturally build-up in the sewer lines over time. Regular drain cleaning liquids can only do so much against this type of buildup because they flow through so quickly.


We all know that regular maintenance is the key to longevity where most things are concerned. We visit the doctor and dentist at least once per year as part of our preventative maintenance routine to prevent against cavities and health problems. We take our vehicle to the garage for an oil change and maintenance every 3,000 to 4,000 miles like clockwork to keep it running smoothly. The plumbing in our home also benefits greatly from regular annual preventative maintenance.

Trustworthy Service

The plumbers at Kizen Plumbing recognize that our job is based on preventative maintenance for your home. We don’t consider your home just another job because it isn’t. Your home becomes our job site only temporarily, but it is your home all the time. We treat both you and your home with the respect you deserve. We always clean our work area as we go and then again at the very end of the project, so you can trust that you won’t b left with a mess at the end.

Call Kizen Plumbing in Redondo Beach, CA at 310-644-9757 if you’re in need of a trustworthy plumbing and drain maintenance company. We have been assisting homeowners in and around the Redondo Beach area with their plumbing needs for many years. We treat each job with the same respect and consideration as the one before. Ask us about our fixed fee schedule, no hidden costs, and how important we see honesty and accountability with our clients.

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