Trenchless Sewer RepairIt’s your worst nightmare: the toilet is backing up all over the bathroom floor, the shower won’t drain, and your plumber is telling you that it’s because of a broken sewer line. Your only solution is to dig a big hole in your yard and replace the broken pipe. Or is it?

What is trenchless sewer repair?

Trenchless sewer repair is a style of pipe repair that does not require the pipe itself to be exposed to air or replaced.

Why should I choose trenchless sewer repair?
Depending on the size of your yard, the length of the trench required, and any amenities that are in the way (such as stairs, decks, walkways or above ground pools), digging a trench to repair or replace a sewer line can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to well over $20,000. This does not take into account the time it will take for grass to grow back or for your lawn and landscaping to be restored to its previous state.

How does trenchless sewer repair work?
Trenchless sewer repair works by using one or two methods: pipe lining or pipe bursting. Pipe lining, which is also known as CIPP or cured in place pipe, works by inserting a flexible tube into the pipe that needs to be replaced or repaired. This tube is then inflated, using either air or water, and cured, creating a watertight liner that effectively repairs the break. Pipe bursting requires a little bit of digging, but not as much as traditional trenching. Pipe bursting works by dragging a new pipe through the old pipe. This leaves the new pipe in place to act as a replacement while simultaneously ‘bursting’ the old pipe.

Is trenchless sewer repair more expensive?
When comparing the price of each individual process, yes, trenchless sewer repair procedures do cost more than traditional trench repairs, sometimes up to 50% more than traditional repairs, depending on the technique required. The cost saving aspect comes in when you consider how much you will need to pay to restore your yard, landscaping, and other items. If you are looking at having to spend exorbitant amounts of money repairing your yard, then trenchless repairs can be more cost effective.

Are there any downsides to trenchless sewer repair?
There are some minor negatives to the pipe lining style of trenchless sewer repair. Because the new lining is made of a resin-infused felt, it can be torn easily. If the newly lined pipe becomes clogged, it cannot be cleaned with a traditional snake or rooter without damaging the liner. It will have to be cleaned via hydro-jetting (spraying with high pressure water jets), which can be more expensive than traditional snaking methods. Getting the pipe liner can also take some time, since most of the liners are not often kept in stock and have to be custom ordered for each situation.

If you’re facing a sewer line repair, before you start digging, contact us to find out if trenchless sewer repair techniques might be a better choice for you.

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