Seismic Valves Can Protect Your Household in the Event of an Emergency

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A seismic valve will automatically shut off your natural gas when an earthquake hits near your home. While this might seem like a fancy feature to you, you will want to step back and think about the last time you were home when an earthquake struck.

At that time, did you stop to think about turning off your natural gas or did you grab your children and ensure that you were all safe? We are pretty sure you were not thinking about natural gas at that point in time. How about all those times when an earthquake hits and you are not home? Who would turn off your gas then?

It is important to turn off your natural gas when an earthquake occurs, simply because leaks are common as are explosions. Therefore, we recommend having a seismic valve installed to protect not only your home, but your family.

Hiring a professional to install the seismic valve is recommended, as it is necessary to have it placed properly. Your natural gas will also need to be turned off and then back on, and a professional can make sure that everything is working properly once the installation is complete.

These seismic valves can easily be reset following the manufacturer’s instructions after an earthquake hits and it closes off. While this is easy to do, we do recommend hiring a professional for this as well, since your pilot lights will need to be relit. The professional can also check for any holes or punctures that the earthquake caused that natural gas might be now leaking out of.

There are many different types of seismic valves available, so you will want to work closely with a professional to ensure that you get the right one for your needs. They can be purchased at any retailer as well as the manufacturers, plus many professionals keep them in stock.

You will never need to make the choice of what to do first again once you have one of these seismic valves installed. Instead, when the next earthquake hits, you can do what comes naturally and grab your family, because your natural gas will be taken care of automatically.

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